Wednesday, February 1, 2012

About Me

Hi Traders is a blog that is setup for me to share my forex trading knowledge with other traders out there who are looking to learn the techniques of trading. It does not matter whether you are new or experience in trading, you will definitely be able to find information that you can add on to your trading arsenal.

In this blog, you will find

A collection of useful blog posts that I have specially written to help you get started in forex trading. Hopefully you can make consistent income from trading every month to supplement your household income.

I have tried my best to write all the articles in this blog in the simplest manner so that new traders who have little knowledge in trading can also understand what I am talking about.

You will read about the various forex trading strategies that I have learned and used in my trading as well as other forex trading tips that I think is beneficial to you. One of the main reason why I decided to setup this blog is because I find it very hard to find a good website that provides useful information when I first started trading a few years back.

After going through numerous forex courses, I am now packed with wealth of knowledge and therefore decided to share them here in this blog.

Who Is Kelvin Lee?

I am a full time forex trader today and I work from the comfort of my home. I must say that this has given me all the freedom that I need as I do not have to answer to any BOSS. I can do what I like everyday and can accompany my family as well.

However things did not work out that smoothly at the beginning. I actually lost all the money I have put into my trading account twice in a row. After which I decided to spend sometime to learn the rope of trading and started to take up online forex courses.

Frankly speaking, I have purchased courses that are lousy and do not provide any good information. At the same time, I also have came across courses that have made me who I am today. Therefore I shall be sharing with you those good forex courses I have went through so that those of you who are looking for a course can try them.

It has took me years to build this blog that you are seeing now and I hope that you can benefit from the content and eventually make money from it.

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